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How can I make an appointment?
Since our phone lines are extremely busy we kindly ask you to use our online booking system. This is for attached family patients and for walk-in patients. Please see the link in the menu above. If you have difficulty with this system you can always call our office. 
Please be aware that we do always reserve the right to cancel or reschedule an appointment made through our online booking system. 
Some appointments require more time and will be booked on a different day/time. 

Walk-in patients: We strongly suggest booking an appointment with your family doctor for continuity of care. If you are unable to see your family doctor on short notice, you can definitely use our clinic. We suggest you book a follow-up appointment with your family doctor already. 

Can I discuss more than 1 issue during my appointment?
No, we kindly ask you to stick to our 1 issue per appointment policy. Our doctors are incredibly busy and we don't want to fall behind in our schedule. This allows for prompt care. Please book multiple appointments. These appointments will have to take place on different days.  

I am currently outside of BC, can I still have an appointment with my doctor?
No, unfortunately you will have to wait until you are back within BC. 

I am moving to a different province/region, can I still keep my family doctor?
Please find a family doctor within your new area of residence as soon as possible. Our services are limited for people living somewhere else and there are so many people here looking for a family doctor. 

I don't have a family doctor at this clinic but can I request to see the same doctor?
No, you cannot request a specific doctor. You will be seen by either one of our doctors. When using the online booking system, please use the walk-in patient option. If you need a specific follow-up then please call us to book the appointment. 

How do I switch to a new family doctor?
If you have a concern with you current family doctor, we recommend you book an appointment with them to discuss this and see if your concern can be resolved.
We are unable to provide patients with a new doctor as none of our physicians are currently taking new patients and there are many people in the Okanagan who do not have a family doctor at all.

My family member has an appointment with the doctor, can he just quickly see me too?
No, our doctors are fully booked every day and run  a very busy clinic. Trying to fit in extra patients causes them to run behind. If you need an appointment, please book one for yourself.

How will I get my results from a lab test or diagnostic imaging?
Only the doctor will tell you the results. Please book an appointment to talk to your doctor. If there is an abnormal result your doctor will call you.  You can also sign up for My Health Gateway: 
Here you can check your medication, hospital visits, immunizations, lab reports etc.

What do I do when my prescription is going to run out before I can talk to the doctor?
Contact your pharmacist as they may be able to provide an extension on your medication or send a fax to your doctor on your behalf (attached family patients only). Please try to book your appointment before you run out of medication, preferably a week before you run out. 

Are your doctors accepting new patients?
Currently none of our doctors are accepting new patients.
You can apply for a family doctor through a BC wide program here:

What do I do when I need to see a doctor urgently today?
Please call us right at 9 am. We will try to get you in for a same day appointment but this is not guaranteed. Our clinic fills up extremely fast. 
Other options are: to check the walk-in clinics in the area
Urgent and Primary Care Centre (UPCC) Kelowna : 1141 Harvey Ave, Kelowna
open 7 days a week 09.30 am - 08:30 pm
UPCC West Kelowna: 2484 Main Street, West Kelowna
open Monday - Friday 4:30 pm - 08:30 pm
Weekends and statutory holidays 11:30 am - 08:30 pm

How do I transfer my records from this clinic to my new doctor?
Please ask your new doctors office to send us a medical record transfer form. There will be a $40 fee for the completion of this request. This is not covered under MSP.

Can the doctor see my even if I don't have BC healthcare (MSP)?
Yes, we can see you but there are limitations. Please apply for MSP within three months of moving to BC. If you do not have health care from another province there will be a private fee to pay.

How does your walk-in clinic work?
We strongly suggest using our online booking system or calling our clinic in the morning to reserve an appointment time. We do try to keep several same day appointment available. We work on the principal of first come, first served. 


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