* What if the phone lines are busy and I need to make an appointment?  If you receive our recording, that means all  staff are helping others.  If you need to make an appointment, you can use self directed online booking option.  Click on the upper right tool bar "Book an Online Appointment" and follow the link to I am Sick to set up your free account.

*I have completed blood tests, how do I get my results?  Lakepoint Medical does not give test results over the phone.  If there is an abnormal result your doctor will call you.  You can also sign up for my e-health to review your own lab results https://www.myehealth.ca/  if you see something you wish to discuss please make an appointment

*I need a prescription refill, can my doctor call the pharmacy?  All prescription refills require you to make an appointment to speak with a doctor

*I have tried to sign up for online booking, why is it not working?  To book online you will be directed to the website "I AM SICK" . You must create an account by signing up with a username and password. As a first time user, be sure to check your email for a confirmation from "I AM SICK". Existing patients need an access code to link your profile with your doctor.  Walk-in patients do not need an access code.  Still having problems? email us directly at lakepoint.reception@gmail.com

Can I get on a list for the covid vaccine?  At this time we are not booking appointments for the vaccine. Please check back in the fall of 2021 for more info

Dr. Nutter’s pediatric clinic has moved to a new location:

Abbott Medical Clinic
#204-2245 Abbott Street
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 1E2
The new clinic phone number is: 236-420-0556.

The fax number is 778-754-0249

Please note that you will need to have your doctor send in a new referral to make an appointment with Dr.Nutter