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We are pleased to offer the following additional services that are not covered by MSP, and are subject to private payment:


Doctor’s Note for absence from work due to illness                      $10.00


Doctor’s referral for private insurance  for physiotherapy,

massage therapy, chiropractic care, etc                                              $20.00


Completion of Insurance Forms                                                                $25.00/pg


Completion of Attending Physician’s Statement (APS)               $60.00


Completion of ICBC Drivers Medical Form                                           $140.00


Completion of Medical Employment Insurance (EI) Form          $25.00


Completion of Disabled Parking Permit Application                     $25.00


Completion of Disability Tax Credit Form for CRA                            $120.00


Occupational Functional Abilities Forms                                               $60.00


Completion of Short-Term Disability Form                                             $65.00


Completion of Long-Term Disability Form                                              $75.00


Transfer of Medical Records (incl. those to naturopaths)               $40.00                                   


Physical Examination for work, dental anesthetic, or school      $80.00

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